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 Special Occasion

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Farewell with Flair!

This 4 flavored full sheet cake was decorated with blue and yellow icing roses. A business owners farewell to their customers.

Golden bowler!

This was for nice lady who bowled 50 years, hence the gold. All the gold is hand painted white chocolate that's completely edible w/ ribbon & beads for accent.

Teacher of the Year!

This is a picture of my son's 4th grade teacher. In order to show our appreciation we made his portrait in chocolate on the cake next to this.

World's Best!

This cake was made for my son's 4th grade teacher, who did an outstanding job his first year of teaching. The portrait was done entirely in chocolate.

Monday night special!

This 18x24 in cake is 5 inches high, all the roses & ribbon are white chocolate with royal icing daisies.

Thank you!

My son had a great year in 5th grade, Mrs. Hayes, went way out of her way to make it special, and get the grades we knew he could.

Thank you!

A red wing bowler!

This cake was made for a bowling banquet that was named the red wings no writing was requested

Spring butterflies!

This cake was donated for the school spring fair cake walk, a note had to be added that the butterflies were edible chocolate.

Fun flower pots!

This cake was donated to the school spring fair, and raffled off, to earn money for books, field trips and etc. .

Spring roses!

This cake was also donated to the school spring fair cake walk.


This cake was made for the Scholastic Book Fair warehouse, to celebrate bring your child to work day. Fun was had by all.


What's more fun than a Hawiian luau! Everything on this colorful cake is etible right down to the sea shells. The cake batter used to go along with the theme was an orange/pineapple/coconut. It really had a tropical flavor to it.

Ants Reunion!

The ant's have taken over the Badour family reunion. Until the cake was cut that is. No they were'nt chocolate covered ant's, but ant's made out of chocolate, in fact the entire picnic was.

I Love You Mom!

Joseph,(11years old) earned some money cutting grass this summer and wanted to do something special for his mom, he wanted it red and pink with roses and butterflies. The butterflies and writting are made out of colored chocolate.

Golfing's a Croc!

Jeff's co-workers wanted to wish him the best of luck. His love of golfing and his buff physic just made it fun.

Good Friends!

Natilie and John are moving, and their good friends at their senior apartment complex want to wish them well. This is a 1/2 sheet cake with buttercream rose, colored chocolate writing and removeable pearls.

Lace & Roses!

This is a 9 in. round sample cake that I made that could be used for any number of celebrations.


50 year resemblance! now

For this anniversary cake, I was ask to duplicate the original wedding cake. They also wanted gold beads and leaves. I also made the cake top, to resemble the original.

50 year resemblance! then

This is the only picture I had to work from to recreate this wonderful wedding cake from 50 years ago.

40 roses!

To celebrate Sylvia and Eugene’s 40th wedding anniversary, I used their favorite colors blue and made a border with 40 yellow roses.

Silvery heart!

When this cake was ordered she wanted something more than a sheet cake, so I suggested a style like my (wedding sheet cake). Silver was the theme for this 25th wedding anniversary.

35 year resemblance! now

This cake is a copy of the original wedding cake made 35 years ago, the cake topper had to be recreated, a lot of guess work went into this cake, as I only had a side view picture of this cake . The bride of 35 years said it was just as she remembered it.

35 year resemblance! then

Although this cake is all white the daughter who ordered the cake for her parents wanted to use the original wedding colors on the 35th anniversary cake. As I said this side view of the cake is all there was to work with.

Happy hour anniversary!

Yellow roses stand for friendship for the Livonia seniors Happy Hour Clubs

30th Anniversary.

Mom & Dad!

Yellow chocolate roses and daisies make this circle of love a very special summer time anniversary cake.

Golden fall Anniversary!

shimmering gold and fall colors were ask for, and something simple but elegant. Icing mums with hand molded gold dusted chocolate roses create just that.

40th Flair with daisies!

Shari and her sister wanted something special for their mom and dad's 40th anniversary and they really like my Fairwell with Flair cake. They ask for something similar on a smaller scale and maybe a few daisies as they are mom's favorite.

Portrait of a Heart!

This cake was also ordered to go along with Shari's parents other cake, but she wanted her mom and dad's wedding picture made out of chocolate on it. (the insert above is the actual picture we used to make the chocolate portrait heart.

Expressions of the Heart!

This is a 9 inch heart shaped cake with buttercream roses and white chocolate writing.



Wild on goose!

This retirement cake was made for a guy named goose, who’s friends thought it would be fun to throw a little s&m into it.

A post retirement!

A 1st class delivery for Rose, who retired from the post office

A deer thing!

Jimmy loves to hunt and has a great sense of humor so this retirement cake was just what they ask for. The entire scene is made of chocolate.

Retirement Hot Tub!

When Denny decided to retire from Ford's he invisioned sitting in the hot tub, and sipping cool drinks, do you think this is what he had in mind?


(Retire in peace) is what Bob's family is hoping for after 30 years at Ford's. And to complete the headstone theme, they requested red velvet cake.

Amazon Adventure!

This cake was made for brian the vice president of UAW local 900

Retire, Relax, & Read!

Mary Jo is retiring, and her co-workers wanted something special. They know in her off time, she loves to read, she is a big Harry Potter fan. Mary Jo was also the office cake lady, making all the cakes for everyone else, this one even wow'ed her.

A Swimming Retirement!

Michele wanted a cake with the Ford emblem on it, her friends wanted everyone to know what she loves, she loves gardening, has a built in pool and loves swimming, she love drinking beer, she collects Harley Davidson t-shirts from around the country, she works for Fords and was a union Rep. The cake says it all.

Jackpot Retirement!

This is a 1/2 sheet cake with white chocolate and foiled chocolate coin decorations.



The challis!

The challis and the color came straight off the invitation, the basket weave was requested and the grape motif was my own inspiration.

A blessed confirmation!

This confirmation cake was made for twins, Kaleb and Brittney.

Mom ask for a cross and spring time colors.

Family Communion!

Three cousin's where having their first communion together, they requested a cross, and make it colorful.

Small chalis for Two!

This cake was order from one off my website, they said make it similar, but just not as big and make it for two.

Garden Communion!

This is a 1/2 sheet communion cake for a boy, the cross,chalis, bible,and praying hands are made out of chocolate.








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