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Aztec was the theme for this 21st birthday, with a beveled chocolate border for lots of southwest flavor.

Kitty takes a ride!

Danielle ask for purple, pink, and red balloons. She said “she just loved kittens too”. This ¼ sheet birthday cake was just perrrfect for her.

Quilting Fun!

Esther’s hobby is quilting so her friend’s thought this would be the ideal ¼ sheet birthday cake for her.

Mmm yummy, butterflies!

When Maria was asked what her favorite color was, and what types of things she like she had no idea it was for her ½ sheet birthday cake at her surprise party. ( Many thought the butterflies looked almost to yummy to eat!)

Tigger makes a splash!

A Tigger cake was requested and when asked what the girls favorite color was, she said baby blue.

Garden lattice!

Pink & yellow roses, on a yellow & lattice background, were just perfect for grandma.

Fillagree butterflies!

This was made for someone wanting something simple, butterflies floating in the clouds.


It's Care bears to the rescue with lots of goodies and treats for Brittney's party. Everythings made out of chocolate.

Barbie & chocolate!

Emily just had to have Barbie on her 5th birthday cake. Her favorite kind of icing is chocolate. (¼ sheet)


Cinderella awaits her coach in the pumpkin patch the detail in this picture isn't very good but her mice are there too.

A girl's best friend!

Kari’s mom ask me to put a picture of Kari’s dog on her cake with lots of color and balloons, I seen the dog once I made this from memory they said it was perfect.

It's mums!

A simple fall favorite made with icing mums.

German chocolate rose!

Carly really liked Rosemary's cake, but said her favorite cake was german chocolate.


This ¼ sheet cake with a fall theme was needed to celebrate all the fall birthdays in one family.

Berry delightful!

This cake was made for my eight year old son’s birthday he wanted something different.

Angel food cake with a strawberry, raspberry, blueberry filling layered with dark chocolate, jell-o and whipped cream, iced with whipped cream and topped with fresh berries. The waitresses at the restaurant we had his birthday dinner at, named the cake the “Mexican Gardens Cake.”

It's Looney!

The Looney Toon gang is all here to ready celebrate the 1st birthday for Ciamia, they even brought her , her own cake. The great thing is the entire cast is made out of chocolate.

Oval of roses!

Denise loves yellow roses, this cake looks similar to others I made but it exactly what she wanted.

Peaches & cream!

Peaches and cream and a look of lace are the theme for this cake. Roses, ribbon, and plaque are made of chocolate .

Pink doll!

This dolls pretty in pink, made just for Katie Lee.

Pink rose garden!

Mom's birthday is always special, especially when you have multi colored pink roses floating on a lattice background.

Tigger with flowers!

A Tigger cake was requested and when asked what the girls favorite color was, she said hot pink and orange.

Mums the word!

Eileen ask for mum like flowers and her favorite colors are yellow and purple.

Red roses & daisies!

For Dawn’s 21st birthday her mom wanted something really pretty. Dawn’s favorite colors are red and dark blue. This is one of my favorite cakes.

Player of the Year!

I took Brittney’s school picture and added a Wings jersey. The rest is made of chocolate.

Happy birthday Grandma!

I really liked the red roses & daisies together, and this was a special cake for me I made it for my grandmother Madiline Badour who turned 88 this October.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Scooby & paint?

Jennifer’s mom scene a cake I made like this for a family reunion With all the kids names on it and wanted one just like it because of all the color so instead of names we used paint splats.

Single rose!

A single roses say's it all, something so simple but elegant for Rosemary's birthday.

Baby's 1st stuffed animal!

These cakes were for triplets first birthday, all they asked for were that the balloons be certain colors and have baby animals on it.

Lilo's Stich!

Jessica just loves Stitch, (who’s made of chocolate) she also ask for some grass and icing palm trees too.

Strawberry Shortcake!

Strawberry Shortcake was there to celebrate and Gabriella 1st birthday and even had a special cake just for her.

Scooby & the name gang!

Another Scooby cake for the whole gang! Tha gang this time is all 18 great grandchildren at a famliy reunion celebrating all their birthdays together.

Tigger & stars!

This time Tigger’s basking in the grass with yellow and pink as the colors and 17 chocolate stars around him, is what A’nalee ask for.


Prrrfect Kittens!

Madiline ask for pretty little kittens on her birthday cake and her favorite colors are purple and pink.


Who doesnt love Dora. This larger than life full sheet cake featured Dora and her friend, all made out of chocolate.

Dora's Party!

Ra-Mya loves Dora, loves purple and pink and had to have chocolate balloons at her party, I think this fit the bill!

Puppy in crowd.

This sweet little puppy was ready to celebrate Sydney's big day. a space was left for a special birthday candle.

Gardening Ballerina!

For this cake the family wanted something pretty and cute for a 30th birthday for Lesley, they tried to get some of her interest on the cake. She used to dance ballet, she loves gardening, her favorite color is red, and she grew her first tomato this year.

Winnie & friends 1st birthday!

Winnie & friends share Kierra's 1st birthday and a cake for her too! The entire scene is delicious etible chocolate.

Who's over the Hill!

A very good friend who is kind of shapely loves angels, and breeds sheltie pups had a really fun birthday. Her favorite color is dark blue.




Multi-tone Red Roses!

Alberta wanted a cake something like my peaches & cream cake,but she wanted it round and with red.

Dora's Wild for Flowers!

When this cake was ordered, they knew they wanted Dora, but they wanted it very girly, and lots of flowers, purple, and pink.

Chocolate Almond!

This is a double chocolate swirl cake made with chocolate almond frosting and has a chocolate mousse filling. It is decorated with chocolate roses, chocolate fillagree's and sliced almonds.

This is one of three cakes I made for my mother-in-laws 80th birthday. (The family couldn't decide what flavor they wanted so I made all three.) When you set all three cakes together they formed the number 80.


This hummingbird scene made out chocolate is placed on a spice cake, iced with a light and fluffy cream cheese frosting. This is the second cake out of the three that were made for my mother-in-law.

Blue Ribbon!

This is a orange, pineapple, cocanut cake, decorated with hand molded colored chocolate roses and ribbons. The third of three, It was really hard deciding which one to eat first!

Life After 40!

A sense of humor is required to really enjoy this 40th birthday cake, Tiffany had alot of fun surpring mom with this cake.

Birthday Bratz!

When the Bratz come to the party, it's all about eye candy, and their etible too!

Barbie & Pegasus!

Olivia was enchanted with her favorite barbie and pegasus, all of which were made out chocolate.

Wacky Black & White Birthday!

This cake was made for a 40th birthday. A black and silver spray was placed on the cake when it was set up. All the black decorations are made out of chocolate.

Big Bratz!

A 2/3 size sheet cake brought the bratz and the fun to the party on this one.

Fun Shine Bear!

Ciera, knew what she wanted for her 8th birthday cake. She ask for Fun Shine bear in the clouds with 16 pink stars and purple and pink writting, ( furture cake designer).

Heart w/roses & butterflies!

Velma's granddaughter wanted something special for her 85th birthday, she ask for a heart shaped cake with dark purple and yellow roses and butterflies. Large enough to share with all Velma's friends. This is a 12 in cake that serves 50.

Princess Party!

This is a 1/2 sheet cake with three of the Disney princesses for a one year old. Dont forget the smash cake for the special birthday girl.

Funky Flower Power!

Kayla's room is decorated with mod flowers and stripes in hot pink, orange and green. This is 1/3 sheet cake. Flowers, dots, and text are colored chocolate.


Flying High w/ Elmo!

No better way to have a party than to have Elmo and a cake, or better yet Elmo on a cake! This is a 1/2 sheet cake with chocolate image and text and yummy chocolate drizzle.

Mom's Favorites!

Tanya's mom hinted that she wanted one of my yummy lemon cakes for her birthday, so we decorated it with her favorite colors (purple and yellow), and favorite flowers (roses and lilies). This is a 9 in round.

Hawaiian Diego & Mcqueen!

Sara wanted a cake for her son and her brother (ages 4 & 20) with a Hawaiian theme; her son loves the characters Lightning McQueen and Diego. What luck that their nicknames sounded so Hawaiian. This is a 1/2 sheet with all images, flowers, shells made out of colored chocolate.

Funky Heart Birthday!

Karen just loves pink and green together, so that was the theme of her surprise birthday party. The floating hearts, flowers and writing are made of colored chocolate. this is a 9 in. round cake that serves 15-20.

Live Fast, Fight Hard!

Brandon will live fast and fight hard with this wrestling arena cake.

CowBoy Dora!

This 1/2 sheet cake was wild on the home front. Keirra loves Dora and ponies, and as always her favorite colors are pink and purple.

Smashing 1st Girl Party!

This is the smash cake for the birthday girl.

Girls 1st Birthday!

This cake was made for a 1st birthday. We matched the cake to the party favors, I used a birthday hat, for the design.

Another Birthday Girl!

Cheryl, seen a (birthday girls) cake and had to have it for her 1 year olds daughter Leela. It's so much fun when even the cake matches the theme and party favors. This is a 1/2 sheet cake that can serve 50-60.

Laura Doll!

This cake was made for a friend, who has a head of hair, a flair for the funky and who drinks a beer now and then.

Topsy Turvy Birthday!

Fun and funky is what Ciara wanted, she picked the colors, stripes and dots.

Birthday Bunny!

Kayla's birthday fell near Easter this year, so she decided what better fun than to have birthday bunny deliver some fun. This is a 3D bunny cake w/egg on top of a 10 in. sqaure cake, that can serve up to 35.

Alvin & The Chipmunks!

1/2 sheet cake with white chocolate decorations.

Daisy Dora!

1/2 sheet cake with white chocolate decorations.

Tranquil Summer!

10 inch round cake with white chocolate decorations and royal icing daisies.

Blues Clues with 2!

1/2 sheet cake with white chocolate decorations. With his and her 6 inch smash cakes, decorated with white chocolate.

Rap to the beat!

1/2 sheet cake with white chocolate decorations, and etible icing sheet picture.

Spring Meadow!

this is a double layer 1/2 sheet cake with white chocolate decorations and buttercream flowers.

Spring Meadow2!

View of the top.








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