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*Table of Contents*

Boys Birthday Cakes

Girls Birthday Cakes

All Birthday Cakes                  
   300 Bowler!    Sponge Bob!    1st stuffed animals!
   Friendly alien    The Wiggles!    Lilo's Stitch!
   Austin Powers    Who's over the Hill!    Strawberry Shortcake!
   Aztec    Winnie & friends 1st b-day    Scooby & the name gang!
   He shoots!    Smaller Spider!    Tow truck!
   Kitty takes a ride!    Birthday Workout!    John Deere!
   Quilting Fun!    Grim Sleeper!    Black viper!
   Mmm yummy Butterflies!    Mario Brothers!    Ride'em Cowboy!
   Tigger makes a splash!    Multi tone Red Roses!    Tigger & stars!
   A Strike!    The Incredible Dad!    Yu-Gi-Oh!
   It's a blast bowling!    Kangaroo Two!    Oval of roses!
   Garden lattice!    Prrrfect kittens!    Peaches & Cream!
   The Rock!    Jeep 16!    Pink Doll!
   Filigree butterflies!    Bart!    Pink Rose garden!
   Care Bears!    Dora!    Tigger with flowers!
   Barbie & chocolate!    Pokemon!    Mums the word!
   Piston's Fan!    Puppy in Pink!    Red roses & daisies!
   Cinderella!    Red Harley!    Speeding viper!
   Off road cycling!    Yu-Gi-Ho Two    Player of the Year!
   Sony dreams!    Gardening Ballerina!    Happy birthday Grandma!
   A girls best friend!    Joey's kangaroo!    Junk pick-up truck!
   It's mums!    Spooky look 1    Heads up Scooby!
   Spiderman!    spooky look 2    Scooby & Paint!
   German chocolate rose!    Mike & Sully!    Scooby stand up!
   Contempory guitar!    It's Looney tunes!    Single rose!
   Dora's Wild for Flowers!    Cornucopia!    Berry delightful!
   Hummingbird!    Chocolate Almond!    Blue Ribbon!
   Dora's Balloons!    Water Fun!    Ed, Edd, & Eddy!
   Life After 40!    Birthday Bratz!    3D Spongebob!
   Blue Boobah!    Barbie & Pegasus!    Wacky Black & White!
   Funshine Bear!    Grave Digger!    Big Bratz!
   Heart Shaped Roses!    Princess Party!    Bounce to the Beat!
   Funky Flower Power!    Lightning McQueen!    A Man's Castle!
   Two Pooh's for One!    Golden Pheasant!    Hawaiian Diego &McQueen!
   Flying High w/ Elmo!    Mom's Favorites!    A Smashing Basketball!
   Bright Heart Birthday!    Game Day!    Live Fast Fight Hard!
   Cow Girl Dora!    Smashing 1st Birthday!

   Girls 1st Birthday!

   Laura Doll!    Topsy Turvy Birthday!    Birthday Bunny!
   A Ride in Time!    Ohio State Fan!    Another Birthday Girl!
   Alvin & the Chipmunks!    Blues Clues!    Blues Clues with 2!
   Tranquil Summer!    Daisy Dora!    Rap to the Birthday Beat!
   Spring Meadows!    Stand Tall Spiderman!    A Halloween Birthday!
   Another Spongebob B-day!    Framed!    2nd Year Birthday Girl!
   It's My Party!    A Red Hat Day!      9o Stars!
   Backyardigan's Party!    Contempory Style!    Lady Bug!
   Notable Birthday!    Do the Beer Dance!    Hannah Montana!
   Blue Blues Clues!    Yellow Roses!    1st Crowned Princess!
   Milestones &Favorites!    Surprise Batman!    Batman Center of Attention!
   Spongebob's Treasure Chest!    
All Occasion Cakes
   Special Occasion  Anniversary Cakes  Retirement Cakes
    Farewell with Flair!   50 year resemblance! now   Wild on goose!
    Golden Bowler!   50 year resemblance! then   A post retirement!
    Teacher of the year!   40 roses!   A deer thing!
    World's Greatest!   Silvery heart!   A Retirement Hot tub!
    Monday night special!   35 year resemblance! then   R.I.P.
    Thank You!   35 year resemblance! now   Retire, Relax, & Read!
    A red Wing bowler!   Happy hour Anniversary!   Amazon Adventure!
    Spring butterflies!   Mom & Dad!   A Swimming Retirement!
    Fun flower pots!   Golden fall Anniversary!   Jackpot Retirement!
    Spring roses!   40th Flair with Daisies!   Na-Na Retirement!
    Clifford!   Portrait of a Heart!  
    Aloha!   Expressions of the Heart!   Communion Cakes
    Ant's Reunion!   Island Paradise!   The challis!
    I Love You Mom!     A blessed confirmation!
    Golfing's a Croc!     Cousin's Communion!
    Good Friends!     Small Challis for Two!
    Lace & Roses!     Garden Communion!
    Blue & Gold Banquet!    
    Nafia Concention!    
    Glades Hockey!    
    A Fun Farewell!    
    Contempory Flower Frame!    
Shower Cakes  

   Baby Shower Cakes

Bridal Shower Cakes
    Bib, bootie, & blanket!     It's a Boy!   Rose garden pillars!
    Baby carriage 1!     Boy! Blue Blanket!   Garden arch!
    Baby carriage 2!     Baby Toes!   Purple & cream tiers!
    Baby carriage 3!     Sweet Dreams!   Rose heart!
    Pink blanket!     It's a Girl!   Bridal Doll!
    Welcoming stork!     Blue & Green Quilt!  
    Baby Snoopy!     Heart Patch Quilt w/Bugs!  
    3D teddy!     Baby's Bed!  
    Daddy's stress!     Garden Blanket!  
    Blue Carriage!     New Sports Fan 1 - View 2  
    Pink Carriage!     A Babies Room!  
    Twin Carriage's!     Diaper Bag!  
    Basket's full of Joy!     Rocking Chair!  view 2  
    Dress, Booties,&Blanket!     Football Baby!  
    Pink & Green Blanket!

    Cocalo Sugar Plum Carriage!

    Baby feet!     Sports Teddy! side view  
    Two in a Bed!     Princess Shower!  
    Sports Teddy!     Pink Heart Carriage!  
  Holiday Cakes Wedding Cakes Graduation Cakes
     New Years/Bar!   Fall Rose Fountain   Green grad!
     New Years/Bowl!   Peach Heart1   D.A.R.E. graduates!
     Seasons Greetings!   peach Heart2   Maroon cap grad!
     Elegant Thanksgiving!   Peach fountain   Red cap grad!
     Whimsical Flowers!   Ivy Garden1   Modern grad!
     Mother's Bouquet!   Ivy Garden2   Red tousles & ropes!
     Father's Birthday!   Blue fans   Birthday grad!
     Mother's Pink Roses!   All White   Friendly hearts!
     Father's Band!   Blue sheetcake1   Be a star!
     A Turkey's Dessert!   Blue sheetcake2   Charmed grad!
    Ivory & Champagne   Sweet pea bouquet!
    Lilac Roses & Heart!   Black & Orange 04!
    Country Mouse!   Yellow & Blue 04!
Cake Tops   Silver Points!   Hawaiian Theme Grad!
Price Guide   Red Heart!   EMU GRAD!
Guest Book   Fabulous Fuchsia Abound!   Color Guard & Lilies!
Contact Us   Two Hearts as One!   EMU Tiers!
Newest Cakes   Red Ribbon & Cala Lily!   Grad Nurse!
Ordering Information   Chocolate Grooms cake!   Mechanical Grad!
Cake Decorating Classes   Burgundy Scroll!   Classic Graduation!
   Kim's Cake!   Hawaiian Wedding! view 1   Nurse Grad!
   Karen's Cake!   Hawaiian Wedding! view 1   We're So Proud!
   Brenda's Cake!   Fall Leaf!   A Rocket Grad!
   Sally's Cake!    
   Maureen's Cake!    
   Delaney's Cake!    
   Ashley's Cake!    
Cake Serving & Cutting Guide







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